11 Timeless Pieces Your Closet is Begging for in 2020

This classic timeless pieces will be your go-to this year. From affordable basic tee to sweaters and everything in between this guide will help you look fashionable without breaking the bank.

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Who says you can’t rock all-time favorite pieces? With just a couple of classic timeless items, you can give an upgrade to your closet. You don’t need to splurge on every new trend, but investing in key basics that will last many years is worth it. It will give your closet an upgrade that will not go out of style. 

Because every woman is different and each one has their own style, probably the words “essential” or “must-have” might not resonate with everyone. However, there are certain pieces that most of us should have on our closet that are timeless, regardless of the season or the trends. Here we will show you 11 wardrobe options so you can start digging through your closet and wearing this year's classic staples. 

The Perfect White Tee

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There’s a huge chance that you have one of these hanging in your closet. You go through it every once in a while trying to make it work, but give up. This classic never goes out of style and you will be surprised at how this simple piece can be dressed up. It just takes a little imagination, creativity, and inspiration. The best thing about it is that it’s pretty accessible to almost everyone. Whether your budget is $2 or $2,000. And don’t worry, a graphic tee works just as well.

Black Trousers

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It’s 8:40 am. You just woke up and are running late to work. You are desperate under a pile of clothes from this week and find a pair of trousers you wore on Monday. You have no idea what to wear and the clock is ticking. What to do? Should you call in sick? 

But, when you think you are going into complete mental distress, you grab those black trousers and head out the door. Sound familiar? Probably it does. Even though they seem boring, black trousers are very versatile and can be worn all-year-long. You can slip on a cute blouse, a nice sweater or a blazer. If you want a more casual look you can put on a cool tee and sneakers. The best thing is that you can wear them at least twice a week and no one will notice.

Cozy Sweater

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Its presence revolves around cold weather and is best known as a fall staple. But don’t get fooled by it. It can be a basic go-to piece all year long. With its comfy feel and textures, you can wear them no matter where you’re at. They go perfectly with jeans, skirts, pants, and even shorts. You can layer them and trust us when we say they will never go out of style. 


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Black, white, light blue, dark blue, vintage, acid wash, mid-wash...and so the list goes on. Jeans have been around since 1873 and they have no intention of going away. Their versatility and variety of shapes have made them a favorite among women of all ages. High waisted and more relaxed fit has made its appearance during this year, even though you should wear those who truly reflect your body shape and style. After all, they are here to stay.


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Recently the blazer has made its transition from corporate to street style fashion essential. One of the best things about blazers is that it doesn’t matter if you bought them in 2003 for a project presentation at college or for your last job interview you can dig into your closet and start wearing it because it never goes out of style. Double-breasted, structured, padded, solid color or plaid, they go with everything and can be dressed up or down. You can wear them layered or with a simple tee or tank top during the summer. So, don’t be afraid to invest in one. 


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This year the leather trend is not reserved for fall. Designers have made it clear that the integration of leather and bright colors are gonna keep dominating the fashion scene during 2020. 


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High-heel gals will never admit it, but our feet sometimes are in much need of a break. But don’t get carried away by the name, there are plenty of flats that aren’t “flat” and boring. Whether you are a stiletto fan or want to go through your days more on the comfortable side, this pair of shoes is something you have to have in your closet. You can wear them with shorts, trousers, and blazer, jeans, and skirts. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.


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They’re cute comfy and endlessly trendy, so what’s not to love?. We saw them last year flourishing and rocking even the most classic outfits. This year they will stay and will up their game with more styles and colors to complement every outfit. Of course, you can always stay with the classic white sneakers, but if you like a more edgy look you can wear colorful or platform style. What everyone can agree is that this is the most comfortable trend ever and we wish it’ll never go away.

Little Black Dress a.k.a. LBD

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You’ve probably heard this before “Every woman should have a little black dress in their closet”. And this statement is not far from the truth. It can save you a couple of bucks and take you out of trouble any day.  When choosing one make sure it flatters your body shape, it’s not too trendy, and you feel comfortable in it. We prefer midi and mini dresses more because of their versatility. You can dress them up or down accordingly and can add a pop of color or trendy accessory and will be ready in no time. 

Button-Down Shirt

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One closet staple you should never get rid of? Your favorite white button-down. To many it may seem “boring,”, but for others, it’s one of the most versatile pieces. Even though they have been in the fashion industry for decades and have been called for a long time a “wardrobe essential”, let’s admit it's very difficult to find one that has “the perfect fit”. One of the first things that probably comes to your mind when we say "button-down shirt" is the office. And while this might be the general rule, there are plenty of ways where you can wear it for a more casual look. You can wear them with jeans, layer them with a sweater on top or with shorts and sneakers. There are plenty of options so you won’t go wrong with this piece. 

Bold Chain Necklaces

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Chain necklaces have been here since last year and are not going anywhere. Whether they’re bold and chunky, golden or silver-colored, this surely will be the perfect accessory that can be worn from day-to-night. The key to styling an oversized chain link is to contrast the size with something more delicate like a single pendant necklace. There are plenty of options and don’t worry that most of them are lightweight.

Let us know in the comments which styles you like the most and what other things you would like us to talk about. 

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