No Gym, No Problem: 9 Free On-Demand Workouts You Can Start At Home Today

These days some of the best workout routines don't require expensive memberships and tons of equipment -or any equipment at all. Get ready to get your body moving with these free on-demand fitness apps and virtual workouts you can do from the comfort of your home. 

9 Free On-Demand Workouts you can Start at Home Today Salty Threads

Working out is one of those things that make you feel very good about yourself, but sometimes it can be hard to find the time for a sweat session on your own. We will share with you some virtual options when you can’t hit the gym (especially these days) that will make you feel stronger and more confident. 

One of the advantages of virtual workouts is the flexibility that they offer at the comfort of your home. You can make your own schedule and work any part of your body without leaving your house. Most of these on-demand classes are like having your trainer. 

If you prefer to get your heart pumping with HIIT workouts, strength, yoga, cycling or stretching there are plenty of options available for you at your fingertips -literally.

We found some great options for you and all of them are free so if you have some extra time find your way to a better self and get moving.

9 Free On-Demand Workouts you can Start at Home Today Salty Threads Yoga

Core Power Yoga

This website has a collection of yoga classes created for different stages of your yoga journey. You can do sessions anywhere from 1 to 60 minutes. This on-demand platform adds weekly workouts so you can keep updating your moves. 

305 Fitness

This is a pretty cool Youtube Channel, where you can enjoy dancing workouts with a party vibe. You can dance anywhere between 50 to 60 minutes with hi-energy moves that you’ll love. 

Planet Fitness

When you can’t hit the gym, these workout sessions can be a lifesaver. This fitness chain offers free workout sessions to do at home. Their trainers are ready to show you some moves so you can sweat with or without equipment. They have daily live streams on Facebook and on-demand afterward.

9 Free On-Demand Workouts you can Start at Home Today Salty Threads Fitness

Barry’s Bootcamp 

Barry’s started hosting multiple workouts daily, live on Instagram, for free. They’re offering complimentary IGTV workouts that you can do at home, from your favorite Barry’s trainers, which are going live 2-3 times per day.


If you’re more into cardio, these workouts are for you. Rumble features at-home boxing workouts through their Instagram page daily and will be up for 24 hours in case you miss the live class. 

9 Free On-Demand Workouts you can Start at Home Today Salty Threads Apps

Nike Training Club

These Nike master trainer’s workout is no joke. Inspired and created by professional athletes will get your sweat on. This app is filled with guided video workouts for all levels, intensities, and lengths. Select from muscle group, train type, trainer, time frame or type of workout. (free app, available on iOS and Android)


This app offers different workout options for you to do wherever and whenever you want to. You can choose from HIIT, yoga, strength training and stretching. Depending on your level you can narrow them by duration, strength level or trainers. These workouts require no equipment and you can invite friends to join you and motivate you. (free app, available on iOS and Android)

Asana Rebel

This fitness app incorporates yoga elements and HIIT workout moves. Their guided yoga sessions will be your go-to when you want to achieve strength, flexibility, and balance. Their HIIT workout focuses specifically on getting your heart rate up, burn calories and feel amazing. (free app, available on iOS and Android)

9 Free On-Demand Workouts you can Start at Home Today Salty Threads


When you are following any workout routine, make sure that you keep hydrated and try to have a healthy lifestyle. It will work wonders for you and you will see changes faster. Also, depending on your overall health choose the workouts that best suits you. Start with lighter weights, shorter length workouts and work your way up.

Now that we’ve narrowed it down for you, which one are you going to follow? What are your favorite workouts to do at home? Tell us in the comments and tag us @shopsaltythreads on Instagram and use #saltythreadsstyle. See you soon!

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