4 Ideas to Give Back on Giving Tuesday


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This year, December 1 marks the annual Giving Tuesday, a day where you donate, either your time or money to charities and that was created in 2012. There’s no better way to start the Holidays than feeling good by donating to those in need. This year represents a challenge for for non-profit organizations, but that doesn’t mean that the help is not needed. One of the most common ways to give is by donating money, but there are plenty of ways you can give back that won’t cost you money and will spark generosity in you and your community.

If you’re financially unable to give as much as you’d like, or feel like doing more, here are some free and easy ideas so you can get involved. 

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Volunteer your time

(Ask your local charities for social distancing and masks wearing guidelines)

This is one of the most valuable donations you can make. Whether you offer to help on an animal shelter, preparing meals for the hungry or visit a senior center, your time can make someone else’s life better. Check your local volunteer centers or go to for opportunities in your area. 

Collect Goods

Look for donation drives or coordinate one yourself with the help of family and friends. You can donate, food toiletries  or pet food. 

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Offer your skills

Some low-staff organizations with small budgets often are in need of skilled volunteers. If you’re social media savvy, a photographer, or writer reach out to an organization and offer your services. Most of them can be done from home on your free time. 

Use your voice 

If there’s a cause that you are passionate about, raise awareness through your personal platforms and start a conversation to spark information for others. You can head to for more ideas on how to give.

We will be donating 10% of of our sales on December 1st to a local charity this year. We would like to know your ideas for Giving Tuesday? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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