7 Last-Minute Gifts: No Wrapping Required

Your last-minute gift shopping just got better with these 7 options everyone on your list will love.

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Gift-giving is hard enough as it is. Add to that social distancing and our current global situation and you have a more complicated scenario. If you missed your holiday shopping shipping cutoff we have some options for you, so you can skip the lines at the post office and on the mall. 

Forget about gift wrapping and getting dressed, with these 7 last minute digital gift ideas you can find the perfect option for everyone on your list. From monthly, quarterly or one-time gifts you can make someone feel extra special and appreciated. 

All of these options are digital and can be purchased through your smartphone, even the day before christmas. So all of those who have a pretty hectic schedule, you have stumbled upon the best reading piece of the season.

First, we recommend that you do a little research about the person you are gifting. Think about their lifestyle and how you can make it better. Because there are plenty of options out there, you’re going to have to make sure they have the time or the commitment to some of the options. 

Our second suggestion will be to identify your budget, since some of the ideas include subscriptions that can be bought monthly, quarterly or yearly. The price of the subscription will be determined by its type and length. Let’s dig into your options.

subscription boxesSubscription boxes (Starting at $13)

There are plenty of options when it comes to subscription boxes. From makeup and beauty, to socks, clothing, fragrances and so on. Most of them start at $13 billed monthly for a year and are delivered right to their door. Depending on the subscription they will get sample sizes of different products and can opt to buy full sizes if they like the products. This is a super fun way to make someone think of you all-year-long. 

Gift Cards from Salty ThreadsGift cards (Starting at $10)

This option has been in the market for quite some time. The convenience of gift cards makes them one of the best  last-minute gifts. You can choose the amount you want, checkout and the gift will be delivered to the recipient’s email address when you decide. This is a super convenient way to shop. At Salty Threads you can choose the amount of the gift card you want or combine between different amounts and send it directly to the recipient’s email. It’s super simple and convenient.

Wine SubscriptionsWine Subscription (Starting at $39 monthly)

Wine lovers are going to be thrilled with this gift. From $39 a month three bottles of wine can be delivered to the recipient that range from classic blends to citrusy or earthy flavors. They can customize their selections by taking a quiz to better suit their wine taste. 

Masterclass SubscriptionMasterclass ($180 annually)

This is a streaming platform that allows you to watch or listen to hundreds of video lessons taught by the world's best. These lessons range from leadership, cooking, writing, photography, sports and more. These are available anytime, anywhere from any smartphone, tablet or computer.  

Fitness SubscriptionFitness Subscriptions (Starting at $30)

If you know someone whose New Year’s resolution is to become more fit and healthy, this is a good option. With prices starting at $30 a month, the recipient can stream workouts from everywhere, anytime. Some of them have personalized meal options that complete the program. 

Streaming Service MembershipStreaming Service Membership (Starting at $15)

You probably have heard of this before. Streaming services are very popular these days and have become more broad over the past couple of years. You can deliver a general streaming service membership as Netflix or you can give a more targeted service such as Disney Plus. Everyone loves to watch a good program or movie, so you won’t go wrong with this one.

Music SubscriptionMusic Subscriptions (Starting at $10)

This gift will be very much appreciated by everyone at every age range. Music streaming without ads is a must these days. They can listen to music from their smartphone and electronic devices even when offline and save content to albums or on demand.

Whether you want to make someone feel special by tailoring your gift or simply make them think about you all-year-round, some of these subscriptions are worth their price and very affordable. Your last minute shopping doesn't have to be a hassle. Just do a little bit of research and find the gift that better suits the lifestyle and need of the recipient.

Have you gift someone some of these options. If you have, which have you given? Let us know in the comments below. You can also look for us on Instagram @shopsaltythreads. Happy last-minute holiday shopping!

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